TDA was formed in 1985 as a result of the awareness that the interests of all people concerned with diabetes are best served by joining together and working as one national association. This will ensure the availability of more resources for diabetes including medicines, equipment, education, and mutual support.

Currently, TDA in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, PO-RALG and other international partners [Novo Nordisk, World Diabetes Foundation (WDF), International Diabetes Federation (IDF), Roche, Tanzania NCD Alliance (TANCDA)] is implementing several projects across the country aiming at building capacity for the national health care system to effectively prevent, detect and manage diabetes and its complications.


The National Diabetes Program is one such project that is currently being implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Health, PO-RALG and the World Diabetes Foundation whose goal is to strengthen the quality of care for people with diabetes and other related non-communicable diseases at the secondary to tertiary level of care as well as raising public awareness on diabetes and other lifestyle-related non-communicable diseases. 

Other projects which are being implemented through TDA are Changing Diabetes in Children (CdiC) funded by Novo Nordisk, Child Sponsorship Program funded by IDF and a Microfinance Initiative funded through donations from various donors. These programs aim at improving the lives of children with diabetes by establishing a comprehensive system of care for these children which also goes hand in hand with the provision of free insulin, blood glucose testing, biochemical tests for lipids, liver and renal profiles as well as other associated consumables. The microfinance initiative aims to assist the children in meeting the cost of their future medical care once they graduate from these programs.