Non-Communicable Disease Programme


To reduce the burden of NCDs in Tanzania


  • Strengthen and re orient health systems to address NCDs through promotive, preventive curative and rehabilitative services
  • Strengthen national capacity for NCD Prevention and health promotion approached targeting all modifiable risk factors (Alcohol, Tobacco, Diet and Sedentary life) and other social determinants.
  • To strengthen leadership, governance, multi-sectoral collaboration and accountability for prevention and control of NCDs.
  • To Strengthen national capacity for NCDs surveillance, research for evidence-based planning, monitoring and evaluation.


To reduce limb amputations of people with diabetes


  • To increase the quality of diabetes care with the aim of reducing the incidence of complications including foot lesions.
  • To educate and raise awareness of diabetes complications among patients and in the general population.
  • To capacitate health care professionals (including surgeons) to manage and prevent foot complications related to diabetes.
  • To capacitate regional diabetes clinics for diabetes annual reviews.


To reduce type 1 Diabetes in Tanzania

COVID-19 with NCDs Project

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