National NCD Program

In Tanzania, various efforts have been done to reduce this burden of which TDA in partnership with PORALG and the Ministry of Health have implemented various projects on NCDs. Among other objectives, these projects focus on building the capacity of the healthcare providers and health facilities in prevention and basic management of NCDs including integration of NCDs with other chronic services. The most spoken ground of integration is that of HIV/AIDS and NCDs due to the epidemiological overlap of the diseases and their high prevalence.

National Type 1 Diabetes Program aims to advance the integration of type 1 diabetes care into the health system of Tanzania as part of the national NCD prevention and control Programme.

National Diabetes Foot Program aims to reduce limb amputations among people with diabetes in Tanzania through capacity building of healthcare providers in diabetes foot care; supporting of national, zonal and regional hospitals with basic tool kits necessary for diabetes foot care; and strengthening patient registries. 

The Diabetes Compass is a digital initiative designed to drive capacity development for community and primary healthcare workers and assist them in providing high-quality care for diabetes and other NCDs. The program will provide a digital solution with a focus on Health Information and Community Screening of NCDs.