It is the TDA’s belief that making diabetes prevention and controls a priority for national needs in the overall community response, by engaging various sectors and organizations. Furthermore, as TDA our mission is also to unite and strengthen the Tanzanian community to stimulate action on diabetes, engagement and partnership have always been in the DNA of TDA’s vision and work.

TDA works in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders including foundations, government, development agencies, companies, academia and NGOs to further its ability to support the diabetes community and drive success at the national level.

Some benefits of the TDA support at a glance:

• To support needy people living with diabetes. Furthermore, give these, their relatives and friends, the opportunity to share ideas and problems, receive advice and provide mutual help
• To keep all diabetes stakeholders informed on and actively involved in means and ways to combat diabetes
• To promote a good relationship between people living with diabetes and health care providers
• To overcome prejudice and ignorance about diabetes through education at all levels of society
• To give our members social motivation and empowerment. A place to share ideas and experiences through meetings.


The TDA advocacy activities seek to ensure that WDF and other partners’ commitments to improve the lives of people with diabetes and those at risk are followed-up and implemented at regional, national, and local community levels.

Addressing diabetes in the era of sustainable development demands both scaling up and transforming advocacy efforts. The successful inclusion of diabetes demands sustained advocacy to ensure health remains central to national government priorities, and tangible wins are secured for diabetes prevention and control.

Our advocacy recognizes diabetes as both an economic and a social justice issue, and also extends beyond health, joining forces with partners across a range of sectors that impacts upon diabetes, such as agriculture, finance, cities, gender, and environment.